Artist #24 by UnknownTunes.

Clayre, a 16 year old photographer from Scotland.

Clayre has been creative for most of her life but only in recent years has she became serious in pursuing a career in photography. She draws regularly, however she much prefers taking photographs as she thinks she has a better eye for taking photographs and loves the feeling when she takes a really great photograph. Her inspirations are Van Gogh, Lewis Baltz and Bryant Eslava. All three are from very different periods in time and have very different styles but she says that they all loosely represent a part of her personality and interests. 

In the future, Clayre hopes to have improved and developed her style and hopes to have a career in photography, hopefully taking pictures of people rather than scenery.

Check out Clayre, and her work, on Tumblr!

* This was beautifully written by Clayre herself, and slightly edited into 3rd person for the purpose of this blog.

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